We humans live in illusive subjective bubbles,

with different educated memories, experiences, behave differently, have different social ideals, values, role models, habits, cultures, goals, dreams, aspirations, world views, opinions, environments, bad/good views, emotional value systems, habits, lifestyles ... shaped by the random circumstances everyone is and has been surrounded by. 

We crack these bubbles to spread objectivity and tolerance.


By asking strangers - your potential target group - spontaneous deep talk personal questions


a) in real life, recorded with a phone video, by just asking and listening without judging,


b) in the comment section of your social media channels, to help your audience and get more traffic / reach for your business and services at the same time

(write us to learn more about this service from us)


we capture the diversity of opinions and mindsets

with the purpose to display them to as many humans as possible. 

Because as more every human gets confronted with diverse opinions of diverse other humans outside of ones subjective bubble, as more tolerant and understanding every human becomes.

One of our purposes is to spread tolerance and understanding.

This can be part of the purposes of your business or brand, too.

To get attention for your brand with a long-term strategy,

you can hire us to produce this content in quantity for you

and share it under your brand name,

to work together for the same purpose:

spreading tolerance and understanding

by cracking subjective bubbles


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