Connectivity of our human society increases

by us all sharing and consuming content.

The companies who use authentic life content


of their target groups and business operations

to communicate their purposes as most beneficial for human society

will get the most attention.


The companies who actually prove

the truthfulness of their claimed purposes of their business operations

with the help of open transparency

and communicating it in an attention catching way

will convert this attention

into support, customers, clients, investors, business partners, employees and more attention.

Hence, on the free market, they will get market advantage and be able to beat any competition that has less altruistic purposes, communicates them less attention catching or operates less transparent.

Do you see these three variables that give market advantage?

1. choosing altruistic purposes

2. proving them with open transparency

3. communicating this in the most attention catching way

We want to inspire companies, employees and startups to 

- instead of just chasing money like a blind mole -

consciously choose to invest in

1. finding altruistic purposes and

2. operating their businesses with open transparency

to proof their ambitions regarding their chosen purposes

And then we want to identify and help those with the most 

1. altruistic purposes

and 2. transparent operations

to win on the free market


with the help of our services of content production 

to help them to achieve 3.:

communicating their chosen purposes

and transparent operations

in the most attention catching way.

On a free market, there are going to be offered similar services like ours that support other values or simply chase money, whoever pays the most.

So, to make our purposes reality, we and our services will need to be better than the competition

- we will achieve that by promoting our chosen purposes, our transparent communicated operations and later on operating as non-profit NGO.

Or someone comes and does what we do with more altruistic purposes, better execution, more transparency and more attention catching communication and hence beats us.

We would appreciate that.

We would support that.

We don`t want to be the best - we want to see our purposes becoming reality, no matter if we or someone else executes them.

The crucial variable that matters: how to communicate purposes and transparency.

Producing real life content, quantity of individual diversity

ready to match to each little target group individually,

to communicate ones values and purposes to catch attention in the most efficient way

- that is what we at Project Life Media Productions are about.

That is what our services offer.

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