To promote what we do,

we claim that

we change our world

with free photo shoots.

helping Businesses to Increase revenue 

.we Grow businesses

with purpose

Our purposes explain how we do that.

Our transparency proofs that we do that.


creating a business to connect

humans X media X businesses

changing our world with defined purposes?


We humans seem to live life according to how one subjectively perceives "that the world works".


What one wants, stands for, the direction one works towards, the job one chooses to work on and how one executes it, the diverse values we all have, the values one promotes towards other humans - all is shaped by


personal experiences + social environment (offline and online) + random genetics + role models + a lot randomness + ones subjective perception of "how the world works"


let`s call it "subjective bubbles"

New media technologies create risks and opportunities by delivering new tools to be in control about effectively shaping these perceptions that influence our subjective bubbles.

This is not a possible future. This is current reality.


The way Brad Parscale helped Donald Trump to win the elections in 2016 by effectively using artificial intelligence, big data, psychology, personalised creative content and social media advertising in a combination known as "personalised advertising" to maximise conversion rates to gain access to all diverse subjective bubbles and influence them according to their values:

We distance ourselves from them or any political orientation and political activity except raising awareness about this effect. 

Our production is not allowed to be used for political purposes.

Everyone has three options:


1. Not seeing, not caring.

2. Passively observing, having opinions and doing nothing.

3. Acting and shaping our future according to ones values.


Obviously, we decided to act. 

To raise public awareness about this effect and actively work to shape our future by shaping these subjective perceptions according to our values to provide value to as many humans as possible.

That`s why Project Life Media Productions exists.

Purposes define our long-term goals and the direction we work towards.

For us, money and our business aspect is just one of many tools that we use to work towards our purposes listed below, to make them happen:

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1. media role model responsibility

2. promoting values with media style

3. diversity of humans => promoting tolerance and choosing ones own values and attitude

4. diversity of emotions => promoting emotional intelligence

5. goofiness - media tolerance


6. cracking subjective bubbles and social bubbles - source of most pressing problems of humanity?

7. personalised ads - raising awareness​

8. free shoots for every human

9. helping businesses that help human society

10. NGO to regulate advertising on a free market

11. economic culture: promoting a purpose-driven business model operated with transparency


12. transparency


Media role model responsibility

Every human and company influences as role model and gets influenced by other humans and companies as role models at the same time. 

Everyone who creates and displays media content to an audience seems responsible for the unconscious messages that these content pieces convey. And everyone who consumes them seems responsible on how one lets it affect oneself.

Photos, your private instagram story, videos, text, public people, conversations, news, social media ads, audio, 3D animations or whatever.

Often we humans tend to watch what our surroundings, advertising and role models are doing and imitate that. Just for the reason to "match what one perceives as social surrounding".

We want to shift general awareness to the point that everyone is aware about ones responsibility to choose for themselves


1. what values one wants to promote by sharing content

2. how one wants to let oneself get influenced by consuming shared content


- no matter if in private life, by influencers or the marketing channels of a global brand.

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promoting values:


inner circumstances over outer circumstances


We want to convey the message: ⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣“It doesn’t matter that much how you look like, how your body is or how the external circumstances are.⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣Your inner circumstances are what matters most: how you feel, your intentions, aspirations, dreams, morals, character, attitude, goals, integrity, emotional intelligence.”⁣⁣⁣
External circumstances currently seem to be in the spotlight of attention of our society, unfortunately highly promoted in advertising industries.⁣⁣⁣
We humans can hardly control external circumstances and tend to feel inferior if we cannot match such “ideals”. ⁣⁣⁣
But everyone is in full control of ones inner circumstances - and if they would be the promoted “ideals” of our society, everyone could achieve them and feel valuable.⁣⁣⁣

Everyone can actively take control of ones own inner circumstances, feelings, attitude and happiness.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Therefore, we consciously choose to promote our style elements of:

1. closed eyes

 = promote inner circumstances and actively taking control of ones own feelings, attitude and happiness.⁣⁣⁣⁣

2. movement

= promotes being active, change, motivation, enterprising, pro-active attitude.⁣⁣⁣⁣

3. playfulness

= promotes tolerance, easygoingness, creativity, curiosity, joy of the moment.⁣

4. diversity of emotions

capturing and displaying the spectrum of all existing emotions

= promotes emotional intelligence, tolerance, compassion, being confident with ones own feelings and vulnerability.


How do we promote them?

- by publicly speaking about our style values

- by making these values appear "cool" or "trendy"

- by including these style elements in our media content that we try to push with quantity into the advertising world

So that more humans perceive these values as part of "what one perceives as social surroundings".

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Diversity of humans

promoting tolerance and choosing ones own values and attitude

By capturing the diversity of all humans free from role model cliches and push that media content into our advertising world, worldwide advertising will display more diverse humans.


Hence the perception and subjective bubbles of us humans will get widened, unconsciously decoding the message

"we are all humans and worth to be role models in media, what combines us and what makes the difference to appear in media are our chosen attitude and values, not external looks or status"

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Diversity of emotions

promoting emotional intelligence

Feelings influence the choices we humans make in life.

Usually we humans tend to categories emotions: happiness, sadness, melancholy, curiosity, motivation, elation, admiration, hope, disgust, fear, anger, and so on.

And assign labels to it, like: it would be good to feel "happy", but bad to feel "sad". So we humans tend to suppress some emotions and are not aware of how they unconsciously influence our decisions and social interactions.

We believe that there are no stereotypical "emotional categories", but that emotions are on an endless spectrum and each feeling a human feels is an unique mix of multiple emotional parameters.

We believe every single emotion is good and has a reason why it exists.

If we all would be consciously aware of all our diverse emotions,

we would make more conscious decisions.

Instead of suppressing emotions and making unconscious decisions.

Let`s embrace all our emotions.

To learn from them and increase our emotional intelligence.

To make better decisions.

How do we promote that?

By executing our Project Life Media Business and do what we do.

We capture and share the diversity of emotions, all the little nuances, no matter if viewed as "bad" or "good", free from judgement, with all diverse humans. 

And push all of it into our advertising world.

Hence more humans are going to see more diverse emotions in their daily life.

Seeing media content of other humans

that are vulnerable and authentic and aware of their own emotions.

So all our diverse subjective perceptions get value from the unconscious message: 

"Wow, there are so many diverse emotions, and everyone is comfortable showing them, being vulnerable and authentic."

Hence most humans will follow that behaviour that they perceive from their social surroundings like advertisement and media content.

And seeing and thinking about that diversity on a daily basis

 increases the emotional intelligence of every viewer, of every human.

Hence we all will make better conscious decision.

We at Project Life Media Productions will make that happen.

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goofiness - media tolerance

The „perfect photo“?⁣⁣
We at Project Life strive to create awareness about media content as what it is: just a very subjective moment. Not reality.⁣⁣
Let‘s be goofy.⁣⁣
You think you don’t look good in a certain photo? You don’t like a certain angle or perspective? You select carefully what photos you post about yourself? You think one side of our face would be more beautiful than the other? You just like serious cool photos and don’t like yourself smiling in photos or the other way around? You think your skin would not be clean enough?⁣⁣
There is nothing wrong about it. But who cares?⁣⁣
Mostly only we humans ourselves. But others who see the photo don’t recognise the „flaws“ that we often create in our own imagination.⁣⁣
And let’s be honest: it’s just a photo. It doesn’t represent ourselves - it only „represents“ ourselves when we think so, and when everyone who views it assumes „photo = reality“.⁣⁣
But if everyone including oneself is aware of the subjectiveness of photos and videos, that if you would have taken a photo 1 second later or from 20 centimetres more above or with a more easygoing atmosphere it would look completely different: If we all are aware about it, then the media content looses on power on what someone views as reality. And hence we become more tolerant and easygoing regarding media content.⁣⁣
How do we actively promote that message?⁣⁣
By doing what we do at Project Life Media Productions: capturing as many diverse situations, perspectives and moments of the same concept and idea as possible.


Because then the photographed humans and other viewers realise: oh all these photos have been taken in just 20 minutes? Some might trigger in you the opinion they would look „really good“, some „really bad“. But they all display the same subject, the same human - that hasn’t changed. It’s just the random moment and perspective that changed.⁣⁣
And do we really care so much about the randomness of the perfect moment or perspective? ⁣⁣
You see a photo that gives the feeling „that’s not me“? Or „that’s not beautiful“? Let’s be proud of it.⁣⁣
Let’s be goofy about ourselves.⁣⁣
open-minded ⁣⁣
tolerant ⁣⁣
not-caring ⁣⁣
about our opinions if resulting from media content of ourselves or others.

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cracking subjective bubbles

We believe that subjective bubbles are the source of the most pressing problems of human society.

Every human perceives the world subjectively, slightly different, according to ones experiences, habits, environment, psychological mind and attitude​. 

Let`s call it "subjective bubble".

Sometimes we humans assume that our perception would be "right" and others are wrong, but we forget that every human perceives just a very narrow subjective part of reality. Hence, hardly there is a 100 % "right" or "wrong", an opinion is always relative to the viewer.


Because of our limited perception and understanding, no human can ever be sure to be "absolutely right" with his opinion for 100 % - but sometimes we act like it, fight wars, kill innocent humans, waist energy and resources that actually could be used to create a better world for all of us, together.

We believe by capturing and sharing all these diverse subjective bubbles we crack them and spread awareness about this effect, tolerance and understanding for the diversity of opinions, for example like we do with our spontaneous interviews asking strangers personal questions and capturing the diversity of subjective perceptions with our free photo shoots.

How can you crack subjective bubbles?

Simply listen, ask personal deep talk questions to all the humans you meet, and listen without judging, and share the diversity of them to spread awareness - you as private person or hire our media production to create content with your real customers to include it in your brand strategy.

Because as more humans understand tolerantly the motivations, point of views and characters of all diverse humans, as more optimistic and inclusive solutions for problems will be created.

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personalised ads - raising awareness

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 shows that personalised advertising is a powerful tool to collect attention for ones purposes: 

Obviously this can be abused for disadvantage of general society.

To prevent that in future, we need to


1. raise general awareness of it in the population, so that humans consume targeted ads more critically.

2. raise awareness about it in politics, so that laws can limit abuse.

That`s why it is our purpose to speak about it as often as we can and spread the word.

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free shoots for every human

In our digital world, appealing media content seems essential to start ones own business, present oneself online, communicate on social media, reach and connect with others, remember memories or feel socially validated. ⁣

We believe: One shouldn’t have to be a model or have money to get appealing media content of oneself.⁣

Absolute everyone should be able to get it for free.⁣

That thought perfectly matches our business and purpose goal of capturing the diversity of human life & attention.⁣

Hence we offer everyone - absolutely every human - to shoot with us for free, and instead of paying money you just sign a model release that allows us to sell the media content for advertising so that we can work towards our purposes #changingourworldwithfreephotoshoots

Of course, every photographed human will receive the photos as digital online transfer and can use them for their own purposes.

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helping businesses that help human society

By improving our services and skills, one day we will be able to select our clients - and offer our service to those that bring value to society the most.

Subsidy approach: When we offer our services in distant future, we might charge more to companies that bring less value to society, and offer our services as cheap as possible or for free to innovative ideas that bring value to as many humans as possible.

Before we would start acting like that in distant future, we will need to define how we rate and sort "value" as objective as possible.

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NGO to regulate advertising

This thought can be thought further.


What if there would be the "best possible media collection with perfect creative, ready to feed personalised advertising", and an NGO would provide this collection and our then skilled production service as cheap as possible for businesses that bring the most good to human society, to help them to win on the free market?

By sharing the values and purposes and success stories this non-profit NGO could attract the most talented people to join their team and offer their service better than any profit-competition.

We want to work towards it to test it.

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purpose-driven economic culture

promoting a purpose-driven business model operated with transparency

Money is just a simplified value-exchange system that often doesn`t match the actual value system of providing objective value to human society.

Not everyone who earns the most money brings the most value, and the other way around.

Or how much money did Gandhi make compared with an successful drop-ship business nowadays? Who brought more value with their actions to human society?

Yes it`s a unfair comparison, but it shows the point.

Everyone who operates a business has the responsibility of role model communication - if one becomes successful, others will imitate ones behaviours, approaches and values.

That`s why we communicate our values openly:

We believe that purpose-driven businesses operated with transparency will get market advantage in our future connected world where everything is shared quickly.


the businesses which are

the most transparent 

and have the most valuable purposes

will have market advantage

Purpose-driven businesses operated with transparency will attract

more clients, customers, public attention, support and better employees

on the free market than businesses who only focus on earning as much money as possible.

Their main reason is not to make money.

Their main reason is to improve the lives of as many humans as possible, in the most objective way - defined and explained by ones purposes which should form the essential pillars of ones business, and the business operations to earn money are just like a flexible spanned web on these pillars.

To gain trust, that a company actually works towards the claimed purposes, transparency is required.

To make their purposes happen, such purpose-driven businesses can use the following tools:

- promoting ones purposes in public attention and media to get attention

- creating a business concept to earn money to operate towards their purposes

- being a role model or pioneer to inspire others to start or realise the actual ideas and purposes

We want to promote:

If you want to be "selfish" to gain money, you need to be transparent and "altruistic" purpose-driven - also outside of the money-value-exchange system.

Otherwise you will get beaten

by free-market competition

that is able to communicate and proof in a more transparent way

that it brings more altruistic value

with their actions aimed at their openly promoted purposes.

Our purpose-driven business

Project Life Media Productions

creates and offers the tools for this crucial variable of communication.

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To show that you work towards your promoted purposes, open transparency of your business operations is required.

That is why we will experiment to build our business as transparent as possible - from salaries and profits over the money flow to our decisions and actions.

You think this would make us vulnerable?

We believe choosing transparent vulnerability is the strength of the future.

Because it constantly challenges oneself

to truly bring value to society, explain it and communicate it 

- but if one does so, at the same time it motivates others to support one

and hence brings market advantage.

If transparent vulnerability becomes the role model of our economy,

it could naturally improve and constantly challenge the purposes

of everyone in our global economic world.

And automatically "make our world a better place", how some would call it

- if the perceived, promoted and communicated purposes and values 

in a society are the foundation perceived as "better".

That`s why we communicate our purposes here in detail.

If you want to know anything about us, simply ask.


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