You want to help us and our purposes? How?

Share our message, talk about us, shoot with us for free, hire our content production,

or join our team:

We are just starting out.

Over the next 60 years we will continuously grow our team

to enjoy working together towards our purposes and our vision.

We are always looking for humans who


a) share our drive to make our purposes reality 

b) want to create together a long-term job that they love

c) share our economic culture

Especially if you have some of the following skills:

content producer (photographers (people), videographers (people, travel, city- and landscape, conceptual), TikTok creators, creating any social media content from real life, creative or journalistic)

people magnet - outgoing, love for approaching hundreds of strangers a day and making them feel good

anything to entertain humans in public and get attention

speaking multiple languages

adventurers - making the impossible possible

organisers - spontaneously organising as many shoots as possible in a fast paced environment, communicating with locations, clients and humans

creative concept thinker - finding hundreds of conceptual ideas for content production per day, with whatever resources are available 

social media freaks

social connectors: undercover agents to get contacts in real life, writing emails, abusing social media PNs, stalk and approach business contacts in their lunch break, whatever

skilled email writers and speakers to spread our service offer so that we can provide value to new clients

writers interested in philosophy, psychology and interacting with diverse humans by writing text messages and asking questions

big data science and artificial intelligence


personalised advertising

psychology in terms of diversity of subjective perceptions of humans

depth psychology


everything around communication, brand, PR and marketing

everything you think that could be interesting for what we do

If you share our purposes and see yourself in the skills above, or want to acquire these skills - simply say hi:

write us an email with the headline "join team | your name | your skills" and tell us about you and your passions and dreams and experiences and portfolio and CV.

Short application videos about you are interesting, too.

We cannot forecast our growth and demand, we might have resources to grow in 1 month or in 4 years, as it is based on opportunities from clients, and we might need to grow our team fast spontaneously - then it`s good if we already have heard about you and can get back to you.

We would love to read from you!


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