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No matter who you are, how old you are, how you think you look like, or whatever.

Single humans, on the street, daily life, your favourite location, with your grandparents, hip blogger, family on the countryside, groups of many humans, traditional bakery, families, friends gang, couples, any situations, at home, at work, small businesses, little events, special situations, daytrip, with your ideas or without a plan, anything between 10 minutes and a whole day, spontaneous or planned,


no matter who, no matter what, no matter where. 

Simply say hi.

We believe:

Every human is unique & photogenic, detached from external social ideals, worth to be photographed - just for the fact of being a human.

Because the variable of inner circumstances is what matters and what we capture

- attitude, values, diversity of emotions, tolerance, authenticity, movements, goofiness, seeing daily magic, playfulness, curiosity, social human energy, our attention  -

this creative variable can be captured with every human, concept and situation.

No matter who, where, what.

Everyone is free to choose their inner circumstances.

During our shoots, we capture that naturally in a fun way - you don`t need any experience.

To be able to thrive in a digital future, every human should be able to get quality media content of themselves without paying money.

We provide that to you. For free. In exchange, we need you to sign a model release that allows us to use the media content for our media collection to sell them and push our values into the advertising industry and work towards our purposes


for People like you and me 


free photoshoots


Project Life Media Productions

creative service

capturing media content of diversity of human life & attention

to create a tool to catch

human attention in the most efficient way 

to work towards our purposes


paid content production


service for businesses, brands, marketer

cool is not cool.

being true to oneself is. 

being honest is.

being authentic is.

being confident is.

being vulnerable is.

being optimistic is.

just live life


We are working on creating the biggest and most diverse

photo collection worldwide, centred around

individual diversity

of human life

and the "human energy"

aka "social psychological attention" that drives it.





Humans like you and me

Humans want to have authentic photos without paying money. For their memories, adventure with family or friends, self-promotion, social media, their small businesses, family memories, family events, model sedcard / compcard, for artistic expression or experiencing an unique experience.


​(absolute every human is photogenic and worth to be photographed (!no exceptions, cliches, selection based on how someone looks like or how famous / rich / talented / social accepted / "photogenic" someone is - we are open for absolutely everyone - "WE  WANT YOU!"))

Project Life offers every human to get engaging content of themselves at no cost - instead of paying money, you sign a Model Release (for humans) or Property Release (for locations) that allows us to sell the photos and earn money that way to work towards our purposes instead of charging you. In exchange you get a free professional photoshoot and can use the photos for all your purposes.

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Project Life

creative service


Humans live in illusive social bubbles, with different educated memories, experiences, behave differently, have different social ideals, values, role models, habits, cultures, goals, dreams, aspirations, world views, opinions, environments, bad/good views, emotional value systems, habits, lifestyles ... shaped by the random circumstances everyone is and has been surrounded by. 


 This all defines to what our individual attention is attracted to.


We at Project Life Media productions aim to create the bridge between all these social bubbles: the biggest, most diverse and inclusive content archive capturing the individual diversity of human life and the human attention that drives it. 


and help us to work towards our purposes (click to read)

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