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🎶 "coming in hot - Andy Mineo, Lecrae"

currently most of the capitalistic elites are doomed to metaphorically 🎶 "behind blue eyes - limp bizkit" compete each other for


the by spineless "positive, happy, optimistic" 📚 "propaganda - edward bernays" advertising 🤡💸🤡, spineless 🎶 "influencer - BLR", "comissioned" and SYSTEMATICALLY coerced expert$, doctor$, doctor§ and $cience

( &  which is a pattern of corruption that during last DECADES could be seen in almost every topic including cholesterol Alzheimer & depression & calories, pharmaceutical opioid crisis and war in Afghanistangreenwashed recycling lies and commodified climate change and carbon footprint and commodified "net zero" and inflation and food prices (while food quality) and energy crisis and "safe and effective" and early treatments for corona and ventilator deaths and politics and politic$ and commodified chronic diseases and food science, marketing and exploitive farming and immune system and mRNA and masks and lockdown$ and highly profitable $ugar drug and rising obesity and fats and logic and social virtue-signalling and commodified #war💸 and happy christmas and cereals and commodified social trench-wars and retirement and ignorance of rising death rates of children and ... all upheld by a socio-psychological glorified 🤥😷😇 hypocrisy MATRIX)


brainwashed "market demands" of consumer 🎶 "sheep - pink floyd" of whom many of us like a 🎶 "zombie - the cranberries" tend to prefer delusionary perception management, status games and virtue-signalling instead of striving for providing values and voices in via constant relaxing self-doubts striving alignment with objective systems truths for everyones freedom and health.

W.H.O. feels like🎶 "I Shot 💸💉💸 The Sheriff 🤥😷😇 - The Wailers"?


Nowadays, there are less and less 🎶 "secrets - OneRepublic"


like U.S.A.

(BRANDED 🤡💸🤡 "US" ... we, worldwide decentralised human 🎶 "family - (hed) P.E.")

being more a huge corporation that many other "independent" countries are tied to, so why not have a public

🎶 "Boardmeeting - Timbaland"?

Society is changing in a rapid 🎶 "speed of sound - coldplay"

waiting for US to 🎶 "Bounce - Timbaland"

due to AI-TECH, robotics and automatisation tools

meeting a by countless spineless 🐍 🎶 "business
 (as usual) - eminem" and 🎶 "A sky Full of (spineless?) Stars - Coldplay" BRANDED 🤡💸🤡 🎶  "shot 💸💉💸 in the dark [REALITY behind (NOTHING IS HIDDEN) socio-psychological shadows of narcissistic reinforcement attention "light"] - AC/DC"

which over short and long (because "reality is what it is" also if you call it 📚 cause unknown - ed dowd or via spineless bribed (🎶TOTAL CORRUPTION - Jess the facts, A.C. The Program Director), brainwashed and fearful leader$ and expert$ have it 🎶 "MASKED 🤥😷😇 UP! - GXNE" as if they would choose to be spineless 🎶 "snakes 😀🐍😀 🙈☠️🙉☠️🙊❤️🐍❤️🤡💸🤡  - Prodigy" via coercive narcissistic attention "light", 🎶 sad but true - Metallica, we can only evolve out of it and mitigate CAUSALITY like such side-effects if we start to publicly talk and research it in transparent, decentralised ways more free from our religious-like 📲🐟📲🐟📲🐟📲🐟corruption, 🎶"religion can be dangerous - Bill Santiago" 🎶 "from gods perspective - Bo Burnham" making one feel like a metaphorical  🎶 "Astronaut in the ocea
n 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 - Masked Wolf" of fishy 📚 Mimetic Theory by Rene Girard) will tickle "the consumer" to 🎶 "break freee - Ariana Grande, Zedd" and reorientate in ALL sorts of areas as they will reorientate towards values of LIFE over the by 🎶 "hypocrisy 🤥😷😇 - a thousand lies" in almost every industry "positively", spinelessly advertised profitable death$

while SIMULTANEOUSLY the new AI-TECH, robotics and automatisation tools will provide businesses and society the opportunity to fully reinvent their business models.

You want to stay on top of the game?

The theory is simple:

Strive to

A) honestly help people to improve the LIFE of the average population all around the globe striving to less exploit anyone in the REALITY of unseen, devalued, narcisstically unrewarded or cen$ored socio-economic-psychological shadows 💸💉💸
[because 🎶 what is love? - haddaway", 📚 "real love by Greg Baer" means to ENJOY to face, explore and vulnerably publicly display the possibili-tease of REALITY behind ones darkest individual and collective socio-psychological shadows (📚 "shadow work by Carl Jung" which relates to everything outside of our "subective predictions" as explored by 📚 "free energy principle by Karl Friston", also regarding collective 📚 Mimetic Theory by Rene Girard) as otherwise non-existent OPPORTUNITY to evolve out of it´s CAUSALITY which happens anyways no matter if one acknowledges it or not], especially regarding peoples health and freedom in striving alignment with objective (🎶 "this love - (hed) P.E.") #systemsThinking truths (📚 the tale of six blind physicians and the elephant, 🎶 "exposed - russ",,  #systemsThinking✨Robert KeganSusanne R Cook-GreuterOtto LaskeShiva AyyaduraiEdward de Bono, Jacob Lurie (his "higher topos theory" is related to systems thinking, Entropy and quantum world and simultaneously access to invent new technologies in that realm which is inaccessible with using our useful but fictional, rigid, flawful algebra MATRIX))

B) build TRUST by using media and advertising to ENJOY to (instead of hiding it away (NOTHING IS HIDDEN) behind a BRANDED 🤡💸🤡 farce of narcissistic attention light where pimped (corporate and personal) brand images function sociologically like a narcissist confabulating reality buttressed by people-pleaser, "reality" => MATRIX) proactively (before CAUSALITY causes PAIN and suffering which tends to be difficult to 🎶 Apologize - Timbaland, OneRepublic), vulnerably exposing possibili-tease of REALITY (🎶 sexyBack - Justin Timberlake, Timbaland) of your darkest most uncomfortable socio-economic shadows [all the ways how (the complex production chain of) your products and services might harm LIFE of humans and nature] in an 🎶 "open - rhye" (🎥 the celestine prophecy), mature conversation with your audience, clients and consumers while simulateneously evolving, asking feedback for and highlighting #solutions to evolve out of the uncomfortable otherwise unseen and neglected possibili-tease of REALITY behind socio-psychological-economic shadows of our fishy 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 religious-like narcisstic reinforcement MATRIX: 🎶 "Fly away - Lenny Kravitz"

📚 The Dawn of everything: a new history of humanity by David Wengrow and David Graeber

This is where we can help you:

During the last decade we saw much of the branded hypocrisy in almost every business and topic you can look at and thus have been motivated to ponder about ways to collectively evolve out of it:

We have the curiosities to via objective systems truths (🎶 the only one - limp bizkit) fully reinvent a 
📚 "Blue-Ocean-Strategie - W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne" in almost every industry you can imagine,

from small bakeries, retail shops and ice-sellers over

the car industries

freelance services
construction industries

food industries
journali$m and new$

educational businesses
social media
fashion industries

electric hardware

purposes of SAAS

apps product design

transportation industries
entertainment industries

B2B robotics productions

🎶 "all these things - OnceRepublic"

almost every industry you know has unseen (NOTHING IS HIDDEN, we just "positively" reinforce each other to look away and devalue ... 🎶 "boulevard of broken dream$ - Green Day) REALITY of socio-psychological shadows that can be leveraged to not just convert it as a blue ocean but ... to fly away!

This simultaneously is the needed socio-cultural mindset

(🎶"do it, see it, be it - Q-tip": ENJOYING to proactively out of own intrinsic motivation (🎶 Fuck With Myself - BANKS) and own initiative face, explore and like #anothersel🐟moodboard vulnerably publicly display possibili-tease of REALITY and CAUSALITY 💸💉💸 that otherwise is disguised 🤥😷😇 (NOTHING IS HIDDEN) by socio-psychological shadows of narcissistic attention "light" that gravitate$ towards glorified BRANDED 🤡💸🤡  corporate and pesonality self-images that mimetically reinforce each other to systematically confabulate reality, "reality" ... a socio-psychological MATRIX of "power, profit and control" at cost of "truths, freedom and health" which we can only overcome if the majority of population learns to ENJOY to self-ironically display possibili-tease of REALITY that otherwise is disguised, shamed, devalued, cen$ored or coerced by individual and collective shadows of our attention MATRIX)

This described above is the needed socio-cultural mindset for humanity to

🎶 "The Invitation (Ich will nur wissen) - Laith Al-Deen"

A) more responsibly handle our otherwise delusionary branded 🤡💸🤡 technologies that otherwise spineless commodify the LIFE of average population around the globe ... 🎶 First day of my life - Melanie C

B) evolve from our current stage 0 (kardashev scale) civilisation of BARBARIC hierarchy to a decentralised stage 🎶 "#1 - nelly" civilisation, 🎶 "Rocket Man (I think it´s gonna be a long, long time) - Elton John" but we have to 🎶 "start it off right - the soul rebels"

🎶 "all along the watchtower - Jimi Hendrix"

We won´t work with fortune 500

[whose investors and owners must feel metaphorically like 🎶 "behind blue eyes - limp bizkit" doomed to compete for the by spineless 📚 "propaganda - edward bernays" of 🎶 "adolf hipster - inwiefern" (🎶 adolf hipster - worlds scariest police chases) and 🎶 "influencer - BLR" 
brainwashed "market demands"]

under a minimum fee of 77 Million

(go all in or all out, your competition might love your space. wellbeing of average population matters more than anyones money or reputation)

which we intend to use to build frameworks of DECENTRALISED SOCIAL CONTRACTS that can replace our corrupt politic$ in a decentralised and transparent way for the freedom of all using digital (dao) DIRECT DEMOCRACY in a way that is 🎶 "timeless - wildstylez".

🎶 Future looks good - OneRepublic

For smaller businesses we work for less with the consulting fee depending on the SPINE and TASTE of LIFE over commodified DEATH$ they have shown during last decades,

and the


during 🎶 "the theft 🤥😷😇 that keeps ❤️💸❤️ on taking 💸💉💸 - kite 9d3" by irresponsible either blind or corrupt leader$


exploited small businesses of average population that on top gets raped via counterfactually, narcisstically BRANDED 🤡💸🤡 🎶 "money shot 💸💉💸 - AC/DC" 


we will consult and put out informations for for free depending on our capacities.


🎶 never be the same again - Melanie C


to consult for your business message us


🎶 On to the next one - JAY-Z, Swizz Beatz

🎶 Future - Mask 🤥😷😇 Off

🎶 "Let Me Take You There - Max Styler, Laura White, ARTY"

🎶 "Release - Atmozfears, David Spekter"

🎶 "Wind of Change - Scorpions"

🎶 "Give It To Me - Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado"

🎶 "GDFR - Flo Rida"

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